Nothing to migrate in Laravel

If you are trying to migrate a single class you will do something like this

php artisan migrate --path = path_to_migration_file

if you get something like :

Nothing to migrate

and you are sure the file is there, then you can try to write the command like this

php artisan migrate --path="database/migrations/2022_11_04_1235_create_table.php"

How to use withSum() with where condition

You can use withSum in query with where condition, here is an example:

If you want to list all Projects with the sum of all invoices that were issued this year:

$projects = Project::select('id', 'name', 'created_at')
                 ['invoices as prev_invoices' => function($query) {
                     $query->whereYear('invoices.issue_date', date('Y'));
                }], 'amount' 

How to set a function in a model as an attribute

If you have a model with a function that you want to use it as an attribute, all you have to do is to use protected $appends in the Model class

For example, you have a Project class with a function that gets the sum of all invoices for that project

class Project extends Model
protected $appends = ['prev_invoices'];
public function getPrevInvoicesAttribute()       
        $sum = Invoice::where('project_id', $this->id)
        return $sum;

Note that the function name must be formatted like that: “get” at the beginning, “Attribute” at the end, and the name to be CamelCase.

Laravel / PHP SOS

When your code is not working right and you have no idea what is wrong:

  • What is the language ?
    Yes, you heard me right, sometimes when you are writing javascript code inside a laravel/php page ..things could get mixed up
  • Remove the cache
    There are lots of cache types you need to clear depending on what you have changed, here are some commands to use:
    • php artisan config:cache
    • php artisan route:cache
    • php artisan view:cache
    • php artisan cache:clear
    • php artisan clear-compiled
    • composer dump-autoload
    • php artisan debugbar:clear
    • php artisan optimize
  • What is the type of the variables ?
    When you want to compare 2 variables and you are sure the result should be true, check the type of the variables, sometimes you could find that you are comparing a variable to an object or collection

How to view raw SQL of Laravel query?

There are a number of ways to view the raw SQL statement of your Larael query builder


A simple way to show you the SQL statement along with its binding is replacing ->get(), first(), .. with ->dd(), here is an example:

$users = User::select('name')
                  ->where('id', '<', 20)
                  ->where('is_active', 1)

and the output will be like this:

"select `name` from `users` where `id` < ? and `is_active` = ?"
array:2 [▼
  0 => 20
  1 => 1
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How to add an external URL in Laravel balde

If you have a url that you want to get from DB and put it into Laravel blade and you want it to be linkable you may face a problem if the link doesn’t contain http:// as the browser will treat it as a page inside the current website.

For ex. if the link is the html will be :

in Blade :

<a href = "{{ $site_url }}"> {{ $site_url }} </a>

in html:

<a href = ""></a>

The problem here is that when you click on that link , the browser will go to :

which will give you a 404.

You may think that to need to add http:// or https:// but all you need to add is just the // but then what if the url is saved with http:// or https:// then you better check for it first

<a href="@if(!str_contains( "$site_url", '//'))//@endif{{$site_url}}" target='_blank'>
                      {{ $site_url }}

ps. str_contains is a PHP8 function

Can’t install extensions on VSCode?

If you are trying to install extensions on VSCode but you can’t. Try to visit this site from your browser:

Most probably you will get a “This site can’t be reached” message, to solve this you have to change your default DNS to google free public DNS

If that may not work for you then yo can try to change the DNS for IPv6 to:


Here is a link for more details on changing the DNS to google DNS

How to install composer on Godaddy cPanel

If you want to install composer on a godaddy shared hosting, you can follow these steps:

On root folder type:

php installer --check
php installer
rm -f installer

to return the path of composer type:

which composer

it’ll return something like: /opt/cpanel/composer/bin/composer

then you can use composer using its full path:
php-cli /opt/cpanel/composer/bin/composer install

for ex. :

php-cli /opt/cpanel/composer/bin/composer install
php-cli /opt/cpanel/composer/bin/composer update

Also if you want to run php artisan , you can type:

/usr/bin/php-cli artisan

Can’t access DB or phpmyadmin locally

If you got an error like: “Host ‘localhost’ is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server” you can edit the file xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini

Add this line:
after [mysqld] group.


After that, login to phpmyadmin and repair the users table as it mostly is corrupted.

Also try to rename :