Laravel: Can’t create Syslink for Laravel on shared hosting

If you are trying to do a storage link using php artisan storage:link but you got an error like: no such file or directory

one reason for that is a wrong path, so to solve this you can do the link manually, all you have to do is to write this command:

ln -s /home/yourSite/yourLaravelFolder/storage/app/public /home/yourSite/public_html

where the first path is the source folder and the second path is the target which is usually referred to public_html folder. Note that you have to change the path according to your web site

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

There has been a big war between console and PC players on which platform is better than the other, but today I am going to try and let you decide for yourself which one is better for you. I will be covering Three main points, Aim, Quality and Performance, and Price. So let’s start with the first one!


Aim is one of the most important things in gaming because if you are bad at aiming….. you are not gonna live for too long in that game, either it is console or PC. But you can be good at any one of them. Let’s see how both of them perform, PC players can move their mouse freely in any direction plus they can get a bigger mouse pad if they want. Moreover, they can adjust the dpi of the mouse or the sensitivity in game. But in console you are only limited to the controller’s analog and it’s size as well as the in game sensitivity. That’s why the PC team takes the lead here. But if you don’t care about that and you are still good at aiming on console then you probably want to skip this point and see the others.

Quality and Performance

We all know that PCS are super powerful if you pick the right parts, and you can upgrade any part of it when you want (not including laptops). But consoles on the other hand, well… if you want to upgrade anything in your console, you are going to have to wait for the next generation to come out (which at the time of writing this are the Xbox Series X and the Play Station 5). so let’s see how a modern PC compares to a console (in this case a PS4). The PS4 can power a 1080p display at a refresh rate of 60hz. But a PC with an RTX2080 and an Intel Core I7 9700k can power a 4K display at 144hz.


But let’s not get really excited without mentioning the price. The price is a really important factor for anyone that’s considering gaming, because sometimes PCS can be really expensive. So let’s see the prices of both of our contestants that we talked about in the last section. First off: the PS4. Right now in the USA the PS4 retails at about 299.99$ on BestBuy. While on the other hand, the PC that we talked about can get up to 1400$ !!

How to solve “gpg: public key decryption failed: Bad passphrase” in batch file

If you are trying to decrypt a file or a bunch of files using batch file in windows you will write something like this:

gpg --pinentry-mode=loopback --batch --yes --passphrase "abc%123" --decrypt-files *.pgp

and you put the above code in a .bat file and run it but you got an error like:

gpg: public key decryption failed: Bad passphrase

You are 1000% sure the passphrase is correct .. well the problem is in the passphrase itself as it contains a special character that needs to be escaped .. in the above example , the passphrase : “abc%123” must be written like this: “abc%%123” as %% is the escape of % … for a complete list of batch file escape characters , check this link

in case if you are wondering about the meaning of
it is used to prevent the gui from pooping up and asking for the passphrase.

Another important point , to make the batch option work without problem .. you have to make sure that the encrypted file extensions is *.pgp

Rendering path for HTML web page

Here is the steps the browser takes to render a web page after receiving the content from the server:

  1. Constructing the DOM Tree
  2. Constructing the CSSOM Tree
  3. Running JavaScript
  4. Creating the Render Tree
  5. Generating the Layout
  6. Painting

You can use Google chrome DevTool “Performance” to view rendering in progress with details and charts.

For more details, check this page: